Monday, May 4, 2009

The last two legs of the relay.

Hey everyone! I am updating this blog from the last two legs. Can't leave out any minute!

Courtney is finishing strong from his massive hill run... passing on to Lauren . You killed that leg Court! Only 2 legs to go!
P.S. When Court was running, Van 2 witnesses an shady exchange we thought might have been a narcotics deal... we don't have pictures due to the fear that we would be followed if they noticed.

Lauren is all smiles even though she is doing a grueling, steep 500 foot climb. You go Lauren!

We see Lauren coming through to the Exchange... 1 leg to go. Cindy brings it home!

Lauren made it up those massive hills...awesome job!

Cindy up the hill with much needed support from the team! woohoo!

Finish!!! Congratulations Google Leftovers!!!

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