Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting Ready for The Relay!

There are many factors that go into preparing for a 199-mile race. The few questions that come to mind are: do we get to sleep? will power bars be our main sustenance for 24 hours? what do we do when we aren't running? and so many more?? 

Well, luckily the Google Leftovers are going into our 199-mile adventure prepared. In addition to laminated binders for each van, reflective vests for night running, flashlights so we can see where we are going, and Purel to ward off the swine flu, our team now has enough food and drinks to keep us happy for much longer than 24-hours!!! 

Gearing up for tomorrow, Cindy and I ventured to Costco and Safeway to make sure that each van is STOCKED. And, stocked we will be! Complete with bagels, sandwich fixings, cliff bars, and loads of water and Gatorade, we should definitely not go hungry or thirsty during The Relay. 


Tomorrow we are off into the unknown, but at least one thing we do know is that we will have plenty of fuel! 

- Lauren Miskelly


  1. It's good that you got some strength training in by pushing that cart! :)

  2. oh my god, you guys RULE!!! thanks so much for taking care of our team! :)

  3. Oh my god! That's a lot of snacks! I guess running for 24 hours is a great excuse to chow down on junk food.

  4. Cindy, have you thought of advertising water?!?! Seeing you holding all that water makes me thirsty. :)

    Hope the run is going well and you're resting for tomorrow.

    Love youuuuu