Monday, May 3, 2010

Go Google Leftovers!!!!

Huge thanks to Lauren and Cindy for organizing this event! We know how much work you guys put into this and we really appreciate it! All of the details were taken care of- you two ROCK!

Thank you to our drivers Michelle and Kirsten!! We made it on time and safely to each of our exchanges thanks to you both :)

Thank you to our volunteers Steven and Stephen!! Your volunteer times were less than ideal, but you were both enthusiastic and wonderful.

The race was a ton of fun and the weather was pretty good. Hopefully we all got a nice tan, complete with tan lines that can be appreciated.

So glad we shared that bottle of champagne to celebrate a job well done by all. Awesome work Google Leftovers!!!

... now to share some of Van 2's good times... I hope everyone can have a good laugh... We can try to recreate the moments if necessary...

Memorable Quotes:

During wine tasting, sommelier sees that there is still leftover wine in the 2 glasses
Sommelier: 7 of you? You guys can't finish it?

Thad: Dang you sweat, I had to give you water at mile 3
Chris: Yeah
Thad: Do you sweat a lot all the time? Like at clubs and stuff?

Lauren when looking at Latitude: It says I'm in Georgia... but I'm not

Lauren: We're running a race in London too
Chris: Which one?
Lauren: Bupa
Chris: (in his awesome English accent) Oh Bupa, of course

Allison: Say something with an American accent
Chris: "yeah, totally dude"

Allison to Chris: Ok let's say the same sentence, but I'll do an English accent and you do American. We'll both say "let's get some tea"
Thad: (in a horrible accent) Let's get some TAY

Lauren to rest of the van: Did anyone see Allison run by?
(silence because everyone is asleep)
Meanwhile Allison is running....
Allison: (thinking) Ooh there's my van! I'll wave as I go by since no one is out and the windows are closed.... (runs by and sees Lauren asleep pressed against the window)... maybe they'll drive past me soon... (time goes by)... yeah they totally missed me

Allison running her second leg at 6am...
Thad: She wants us to be on top
Michelle: (mumbling half asleep) "She wants us to be on top"... that's what she said

Joyia: Did you know yaks get milked 3 times a day?
(van hits a curb)
Whole van: Whoa!

Allison: Intense girl wasn't too bad- she seemed nice at the finish
Lauren: Yeah, but she's not the type of person you'd want to go to lunch with, you know?

The whole van when cheering Thad on during his very hard third leg: Party in your calves!!!!

When Thad is running, someone shouts: Be a man, Google!

When eating carrots and hummus:
Lauren: This is so good, does anyone want some?
Joyia: Yeah, I'll have some
Lauren: Okay, after me
Allison: You can just share
Lauren: No it's more of an individual endeavor

When encouraging Cindy during her very hard leg...
Thad chooses the Black Eyed Peas' "I've Got a Feeling"
Lauren: She loves this song. When asked for Jewish songs, she told her friend "the only Jewish song I know is Mazel tov by the Black Eyed Peas"
When driving by Cindy to cheer her on, music is queued and the van screams: "Mazel tov!!!!"

Thad to runner: "Keep it up buddy. Just keep walking strong up the hill, it's faster than running"
About 10 minutes later, Thad puts hand out of van window to high five same runner, but Michelle starts driving, so the high five is missed.

Driving back to Googleplex, car sees our van in traffic and happily honks
Allison: Oh they must see our "honk if u feel lucky" sign
Thad: Right... that also makes me Captain Michelle

Notable Runners:
- intense girl
- frat boys
- barefoot girl (with special teleportation powers)
- Carrot Top

Please feel free to add or edit quotes. Thanks guys, hope to see you all soon!


29 Hours 31 Minutes

Way to go Google Leftovers!! We finished The Relay almost 30 minutes faster than our projected time. Amazing running team and definitely a well-deserved shared bottle of champagne at the finish.