Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vacation in Wine Country....

Van 2 is having a relaxing day in Napa, eating, drinking, seeing the sights. We've almost forgotten that we're in a race.... Van 1, do you want to take over legs 7-12 for us?

First we stopped at Peju Winery for pretzels and mustard and a little liquid courage. And we're just finishing up with our picnic lunch outside a country store, slathering on the sunblock. Thanks Chris and Jamie for the cookies!!!

Next we're off to our first hand-off, where we'll decorate the van and then start catching up on the ground that Van 1 lost ;) JK!!! We love you van 1!

Posted by Thad for Van 2!

This is all the running Van 2 has done so far:

Van 2 at Peju:

Allison: "This should make my first leg go by a little faster!"

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  1. I haven't run competitively since high school, but if this is what it's like these days, sign me up!